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New Fashioned Shares ‘Online Crush’. The Groove. The 80’s Groove! We Think Shoulder Pads Should Come Back.

We all know that taste (or after taste) of a favorite candy or confection that when you eat one, another has to be eaten? It’s that candy that keeps your salivary glands working overtime, and you just can’t get enough of it. Could become your dinner for that day, if you’re not careful. That’s what New Fashioned’s ‘Online Crush’ does for our ‘mind-salivary-ducts’.

We love synth. We love groove. We love 80’s pop. And we love it when new interpretations of the the mix.

New Fashioned is a Finnish trio who, we think has hit the right chords. And in this particular song, it’s done it’s job.

You want more.

You want more.

You want more.

Just like that candy, or if we may, her lips and the way she french kissed.

Yea. We aggregate many memories in one.

But if this song did that kind of thing to our brains for a short moment, then WE’RE IN.

Kudos Alex/Chris/Micky. Kudos.



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