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New Feelings’ Debut EP ‘Introducing’ Drop Date Is Almost Here. Feel it, dang you!

On April 13th, the new debut EP from the fabulous band New Feelings will be released. Then the flood gates will be opened. The skies will open up. Get under that large oak in the field. Get ready to ‘feel’. Get ready to smoosh with the love. Get ready for a new feeling.

Debut EP ‘Introducing’, out Apr 13th.

Track list
All The Nights
Where are you? You should be with me. Come hither, he said, as he pointed then repeated that index finger squirm. It was intoxicating, she thought to herself. That’s exactly how ‘All The Nights’ feels like. It’s unavoidable, with the synth notes pulsing and goading your sensibilities in earnest. On top of that, the 80’s new wave attitudes just brings you back, and back for more.

Real Love
New Feelings shared this fab slow high-school prom song, to our utmost excitement. And it sure is a trip back to the 80’s of decades past. And it’s a trip we can all appreciate. For that ‘dream girl’, or ‘dream boy’ from that prom dance, in the Senior days of school, dented the feelings of love, lust, and the actions of quenching curiosities to our brains.

This is the most exciting and the song that puts heart-a-fire quickly. A Billy Idol fantasm of a song, that sucks you in and spits you out like the fantasy spy you became in your Wednesday night’s dream. You had a black eye patch, a poodle at your side, and a trophy wife that was in the top 1-5 ranking. You were king in that dream. Torture that sensibility out of you, baby. Dance, you fool.

If You Want Me To Dance
Then dance, you fool. Don’t just stand there. Keep the momentum going. We deserve to see you do it. Get happy with the brilliant keys, which brings you the sunshine for the Spring and Summer ahead! “Do the tango. Do the twist” Then take that hover craft over to that love of your life. She’ll understand, as she gives you the okay ‘wink’. Then kiss!

The EP is such a tease, to us at CHF. The band is fabulous, with each EP song stating what can be done to a full LP.

But that’s just us griping for no reason. Just because we dig it so. Can you blame us?

Anywho, our fave is ‘If You Want Me To Dance’ for it really is a happy song.

We all need some happiness more often don’t we??

New Feelings consist of: Olle Strandberg (vocals, guitar), Anton Strandberg (drums), Joel Tiger (bas) and Teodor Juel Eckerström (synth).

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