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New Feelings Shares New Single & Video For ‘Real Love’. It’s That Kind Of Love You Never Thought Could Happen.

Unaccustomed to the daily dregs of life and its quirks, Jeffry, continued to search for that mysterious pot of gold in the sky. His mother told him that he should wake up and pay attention to the world instead of putting his head in the sand. It made him ashamed. It made him feel things where he wanted to scream. This time was different.

“This time is different because I have you.”

New Feelings shared this fab slow high-school prom song, to our utmost excitement. And it sure is a trip back to the 80’s of decades past. And it’s a trip we can all appreciate. For that ‘dream girl’, or ‘dream boy’ from that prom dance, in the Senior days of school, dented the feelings of love, lust, and the actions of quenching curiosities to our brains.

Oh those were the days.

‘Real Love’ is the second single from the debut EP ‘Introducing’, which will be released on April 13th.

New Feelings signed this year with label Rama Lama and had already released the first single ‘If You Want Me To Dance’, which we loved. Now, the support of the second single just confirms our thoughts on the fab relationship.

What a start to the new relationship.

Kudos to both parties.




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