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New Masons // Emily Rowed // Discrete // Beth Thornton // Petrie

New Masons – Blind, Bear, Fire

NEW MASONS is a band that keeps building. Sounds, atmosphere, stories, are built by the melodic hands of the music they purvey. The 5 piece band, with ideal and decadent guitars and bass, drive up the sensibilities of consciousnesses we’d not witnessed. Layered attention to detail, mapped around a sound that is very much their own, NEW MASONS take familiarity and scatter it into the new unknown universality.

Emily Rowed – Pinball

Lead track ‘Pinball’ off of EMILY ROWED’s upcoming album ‘April’ (2019) backs away from the love that was obviously there to suss out. Instead, the love of ‘what-maybe’ is amplified by the experiences that had accumulated, described, then exonerated. That kind of love wasn’t guilty of anything insidious. It was love that ‘happen to be’ in the way of the journey. “Pinball is not about pinball. It’s about about a promise to stay in love; to come back to the moment it happened if we ever get lost,” says Rowed. Get lost in Emily’s abstract and sentimental vocals.

Discrete – Never Know (ft. Maria Mathea)

DISCRETE is producer Augst Ramberg. “Our first idea behind the track was to mash up different genres and see how we could make them fit together – we took reggae influences and layered them on trap arrangements and ideas…Kirsten Joy and George Dennis wrote an amazing topline and lyrics, while it almost goes without saying how much Maria Mathea killed it delivering the vocals.”

Beth Thornton – I Wish You Would

Just dance. That’s what we hear when we listen to BETH THORNTON’s single ‘I Wish You Would’. Thanks, Beth, we wish we would too. In this anthemic single full of hook choral envelopes, dipping and jumping on classic 00’s dance mix vibe, the country-folk vocals just heightens the contrasts this little diddy presents. And we’re IN.

Petrie – Regulate

PETRIE was one our faves when we got to know them a bit ago, for the first time. Looks are deceiving sometimes, but when you close your eyes and just listen, PETRIE is some kind of fab r&b based pop ensemble. Petrie explain: “The beginning of a new relationship can often feel like a deliciously groggy daze which you can unknowingly imprison yourself in to avoid the dread of your looming personal failures…A new flame will engulf all of that as you watch the enticing glow from afar until one day you’re both burnt to a crisp while lazing in bed sharing Frank O’Hara poems, making love to Frank Ocean and crying to Frank Sinatra.” Told ya, they’re special.


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