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New Me Shares ‘Any God’. Out Of California, The New Me Monster Formed…

The planet had not been populated, according to our sensors and instrumental readings. The planet was a desert ball, with fine grains of sand and dust bowl twists that appeared during the dusk hours. Because of the status of not seeing any significant biological inhabitants, we would quickly calculate that we didn’t have too much time until rations would run out.

One thing was glorious – for the two suns in this system was beautiful to be sure. One seemed a bit more orange than the other. The second was slightly brighter, and was slightly further or smaller. Well at least from our angle. No way to be sure yet. At least they provided us with the right amount of warmth during the day time.

We walked towards one mountain peak, but it seemed too far away. Seemed like it was just out of our grasp. Maybe we though it was 50 miles away. But it was more likely about 100 miles away.

Well, that was the start of the first day of our long and secluded lives on the new planet. We needed to drop everything and find the most basic of provisions. We weren’t sure how long we’d survive.

It was bad luck that brought us tumbling down to this desert. But we were sure that we’d make the best of it and to learn as much as possible. Even though that the knowledge we’d acquired could never be shared outside of our circle.

“Too bad,” we thought.

NEW ME is a pop band that is from California (an interesting ‘world’ in itself), and will debut a 7 Incher. NEW ME consists of several San Diego acts including Spooky Cigarette & Los Shadows.

Let’s see where they go from here.



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