New Media ‘Signals’ : Stories of the ordinary, encountering the extraordinary, then redefining who they will become.

New Media

The song tells a surreal account of an unreliable narrator who gets kidnapped after walking out in a rainstorm and is then taken for questioning.

Much of this was influenced by Japanese writer Haruki Murakami’s surreal neo-noir stories such as The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle and A Wild Sheep Chase, stories in which an otherwise ordinary narrator has something otherworldly happen to them, which in the end reveals they weren’t all that ordinary to begin with.

The 4 piece band brings noise and fuzz to indie and alt minded works of rock.

Forward-thinking approach to songwriting, with the influence and atmosphere of post-punk, psychedelia, folk-rock, shoegaze, and more finding their way in the mix that could only come from four millennials with an eclectic record collection and unprecedented digital access to decades of different styles and strains of music.

Zach Noel, Tamara Simons, Jack Meighan and Julien Nicolai makes New Media tick.

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It’s been ONE WEEK since we released “Signals”!!!WOOHOO!! We want to thank everyone who’s taken the time to listen. ⚡️Today is #BandcampFriday where BC waives their cut and artists receive 100% of their revenue for any music and merch that you buy!! We’ve got songs!! We have shirts!! We’ve got stickers!!! If you haven’t, check out our latest playlist of songs we’ve had on CONSTANT repeat atm, that we’ll be updating VERY soon. Currently, we’ve been working on writing new music, so stay tuned, stay safe, and wear a mask!!! First three 📸 by @sabrinaigutierrez . . . . . . #newmedia #newmediaband #newyearnewmedia #BandCampFriday #supportindiemusic #indierock #postpunk #losangelesmusicscene #818valley #coronapocalypse #staysafestayhome #washyourhands #wearamask

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