New Media ‘Tunnel Vision’ : Makes music that howls with the distinct tact of inquisition and discovery.

New Media

‘Tunnel Vision’ is about the link between insomnia and inspiration.

“It’s that 3 o’clock in the morning feeling, when the subconscious mind is at its most active. Every car outside, every seemingly insignificant noise or stimuli steals your focus towards it, like a magnet. Watching (and hearing) the sound of traffic gliding up and down ‘rain soaked streets’ from an obscured hotel window and that intellectual tug of war that plays out, between wanting to capture it and letting the thought pass. It’s that intense obsessive compulsion of chasing an idea to its creative fruition, that feverish intensity that can take on a kind of ‘tunnel vision’, where the mind has the desire to wade ever-deeper into the waters of the subconsciousness, while one foot remains in the shallow edge of the water.”

The 4 piece band brings noise and fuzz to indie and alt minded works of rock. Forward-thinking approach to songwriting, with the influence and atmosphere of post-punk, psychedelia, folk-rock, shoegaze, and more finding their way in the mix that could only come from four millennials with an eclectic record collection and unprecedented digital access to decades of different styles and strains of music.

The perfect formula, indeed.

Zach Noel, Tamara Simons, Jack Meighan and Julien Nicolai are New Media. And the four makes music that howls with the distinct tact of inquisition and discovery.


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