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New Nissan Leaf: It’s here finally. Purported 40 kWh battery will provide 150 miles of range.

Finally, the new Nissan Leaf will be available at dealers early 2018.

Nissan Leaf claims it will come with a 40 kWh battery, 150 mile range, and 147 e-horsepower. It’s a great improvement from the 107 mile range by the previous model.

There will be Nissan’s ProPilot system, which is to help the driver keep in lane, maintain speed, and brakes automatically. This is part of the e-pedal evolution, which the company exclaims that there the car will do more and less pedal usage.

“The e-Pedal handles starting, accelerating, decelerating, and stopping; releasing the pedal applies friction and regenerative brakes that can bring the car to a total stop even on steep inclines.” – The Verge

Nissan on their website says, “The fun starts with the innovative e-Pedal, which lets you accelerate and brake with only one pedal, and is enhanced by a 100% electric drivetrain that provides an instant rush of acceleration.”

As for charging time, Nissan indicates that the new Leaf, with a 240V FAST CHARGING, will take 1 hour for 22 miles worth of range. With a 50KW FASTEST CHARGING system, it will take a 30 minute charge for a total of 88 miles worth of range.

Nissan will offer a mobile app as well, which Nissan says will “makes it easy to find the nearest charging station, charge at off-peak hours, and keep tabs on the vehicle from your compatible smartphone. Everything you need to keep the journey going.”

There will be 3 trims available from the outset, and the base starting just under $30,000. The base includes: 40 kWh Lithium Ion Battery, e-Pedal, Automatic Emergency Braking, 7.0″ Advanced Drive-Assist Display, 110 kW AC synchronous electric motor, Automatic Temperature Control, Aerodynamic underbody panels and rear diffuser.

With a bolder and more closer look to its other sister models, it will seem fresher and at the same time, more aggressive. This should help it connect more with an even wider base of customers.

Lets wait and see (for all the real world reviews).

The Verge


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