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New Portals Share New Video For Single ‘Inch’. Powerful. Alluring. Dangerous.

The new New Portals’ brand new music video has dropped, and we’re kinda smitten, to be honest. The track is the official theme song for the upcoming feature film ‘Faces’ from the award-winning director Joseph A. Adesunloye.

No. We’re not smitten with the song because it’s in a film. But the song is a mystery to us. It’s soft, but harsh. It’s demure, yet very powerful. It’s alluring, yet love at your peril – kind of thang.

Weird eh?

Not really.

‘Inch’ is a beautiful rendition of what’s in the heart of hearts, of souls intermixing towards that golden road of ‘what could be’. And that is power enough to circulate around the Sun. A tale of heartbreak is all that is demanded of the description, for such tales are Universal and no matter how high the atmosphere, it will rise above it – smoldering, burgeoning, beckoning.

The music video includes exclusive footage of the film. And it’s a 3rd person narrative slash, voyeur discovery of what some human beings go through. It’s a harrowing trip through trials and tribulations, up and down like a roller coaster.

But isn’t life sometimes that way?

For sure.

Director Joseph A. Adesunlove says, “I was both honoured and excited to work on this project, most of all I think people will find it relevant to their lives and that has to be the most important achievement that all the people who have poured themselves into this project can hope for. I believe ‘Inch’ captures the mood of the film beautifully and I am very proud to have it as the official soundtrack.”

“The song is about the difficult decision to be made in a relationship when it seems like the spark has gone.”

Kudos all. Kudos.



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