New Ro ‘oh hey yeah yeah’ : Timeless and the vulnerable. Wraps it all.

New Ro / Coverart: Maisa Immonen

New Ro brings the good vibes with first single off album. ‘oh hey yeah yeah’ brings killer house remixes from Katerina and Jori Hulkkonen

Said New Ro: “The song flew out of me and made me dance compulsively. It had ‘summer houseparty with your bffs’ written all over it so I knew I have to release it first”.

Katerina’s beautiful and tender electro roller keeps you smiling and tickles all your nerves while Jori Hulkkonen’s heavy deep house stomper keeps you locked on the dancefloor. They both mirror the same uplifting vibe in their own interpretations, creating a perfect package with the original for every situation.

In 2020, this productive songstress and comedienne has already released two EPs – ‘Kosmos’ and ‘i o u’ – and is set to release her debut album ‘late bloomer’ at the end of the year.

New Ro is a Helsinki based singer, songwriter and producer. Cheeky and exciting, this songstress likes to makes etheric love pop, club bangers or self-exploring art pop, depending on her mood. In her latest material, New Ro welcomes the odd, the timeless and the vulnerable and wraps it all in addictive rhythms and melodies.


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