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New Shack ‘So Soda’ : “Darker, trappier, noisier”. Yum.

You just can’t help but look.

New Shack / Photo: Kobe Wagstaff

Taunt. Gaze. Right through. Your soul. That’s how it feels to be emblazoned with the death-ray vibes of pop single ‘So Soda’ from electro-pop collab, New Shack. The Universe means nothing without such grievances. There is no such flavor, without the sour. There is no vision without this song.

Eric Robertson and Cat Leavy (Madge) make this engine chug down the rails of the unknown. A tantric version of yourself and the wishes of what you really want to be in this world, exists in this vat of visible virtuality of these two.

“’So Soda’ is our strangest record yet. But it all came together seamlessly and effortlessly,” stated the duo. “Lyrically it’s probably our darkest material and discusses a broad range of issues from sex work to climate change.”

Added further: “So Soda” [the single] has a slightly different vibe than the other songs: it’s darker, trappier, noisier. A lot of that is due to Robert Loud’s synth hook contribution to the verse and also in part to how we made it. Madge recorded the vocals on a pair of old earbuds in an echo-y Berlin apartment and Eric sampled much of the background noise from that to build the track’s percussion and sound effects. We can’t imagine trying to recreate something like this – it’s truly one of a kind.

Individually blistering, in their own right, the duo casts some wicket vibes and even wicked-er glimpses of that dystopian steppes of fidelity and consumable variety. A summons to the gods of your own soul, the electro pandering mixed with the cantankerous vocals of Cat, delivers with this inner grating that just serves up odd feelings.

Those contentious and contrasts, makes you feel alive. Those vibes from New Shack shows you a different ‘You’. You’re not a shell of your former self. In fact, with ‘So Soda’, a textured and exciting new addition has been decorated, reviving and waking your deepest subtleties and worries.

Dark and out of this world, you just can’t help but look.

Their upcoming EP is a culmination of signature New Shack sound: nursery rhyme melodies, detuned instrumental leads, and rhythmic foundations both danceable and melancholy.



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