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The New Trust ‘Honeymoon’ What do we feel. What can you feel. Aren’t you?

Let’s float the the edges of the earth – maybe just to the edge of the cliff. What do we feel? What can you feel for me? You are me. Aren’t you? The New Trust’s Honeymoon took us on an odd and bumpy survey of the lands we visited, but never really ‘saw’.

The rock, 3 piece band consisting of Josh Staples, Sara Sanger, and Julia Lancer, is an anomaly in that we’re not yet sure how the new album will entail.

‘Honeymoon’ seems to be in line with their ‘Marigolds’ on their previous album ‘Keep Dreaming’. The sultriness and the witnessing calmness, drags you to the end of the songs with renewed optimism for ‘what’s ahead’.

The slow, downtrodden tumbling, transitions to a melodic layering of thoughts and feelings, which keeps things very interesting in ‘Honeymoon’.

The new album will drop December 8, 2017.

We’re expecting a drastic counter balance to their previous offering.

Let’s see how it goes.

The New Trust is rep’ed by Discos Huelga, out of Oakland CA.



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