New Video: NVDES Shares Some Creative Energy With ‘Something Like You (directed by Parker Day)’.

You have cherries and bananas with pancakes for today’s breakfast. Good for you big guy. A nutritious meal to start off the day. You know what else is good for your morning start? NVDES’ single ‘Something Like You’. And the best part is that there is a music video to accompany the energy and ‘leg pumping’ beats.

The music video is directed by Parker Day, and it’s about your inner demons (yes. Read into that summation; you’ll find what that means. Dig deep).

Here’re the description of the video: “Vick and Whaffles wants that creative energy — the abundant bank of inner wealth — and they can have it whenever she wants. She can be greedy and indulge herself in its bounty. But they soon finds that society resists this, enforces guilt, lays down its laws. And yet, they must remember: this energy has no rules.”

Don’t you love that??

We do. So, what you waiting for? Have at it.

This ‘Something Like You’ video is a series in conjunction with NVDES’ debut album ‘Vibe City Utah’.

Dig it.

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