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New Wolves Shares ‘Influencer’. “His inner being. His now and the continuing future.”

NEW WOLVES is Elliot Smith’s project of “inspired hushed vocals and sweet melodies over a Hot Chip Indie pop synth”. At least that’s how Elliot would like to describe his music.

And he’s right. What a coinkidink.

The seriousness of a song is within the song. And in this day in age, we just get a bit too much white-noise and get distracted by some of the fabulous artists and their outputs that exist in this creative world.

Elliot knows himself. His inner being. His now and the continuing future.

But unlike some, he’s confessed to the fact that he doesn’t know everything. And that’s where his project NEW WOLVES come in. And through it, he can partake on the backs of many technical styles, to express, to moan, to irradiate, or to just ponder, the way he’d like.

His intuitive vocals and melodies chime of the past. While the vehemently tribal and naughty vibes of synth, brings him closer and closer to that place of solace.

We’re jelly.

There’s no ‘robot-like’ verses. It’s very ‘human’ in every way.


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