Newmen Perpetrates A Heist by Sharing Single ‘Delay’. Can Savory Be A Word To Describe This Song? Heck Yea.

The Tiktaalik jaunts of walking legs came upon the astrophysical menace that he impinged upon her lonely body. She wanted to be. He wanted to be that portal of delight, and desire. Time was needed. The glances, bridged them closer. The lasers of interest beamed from their eyes of lust. The floors moved, like the plates of terra in the history we puzzled together. The mountains jutted, then rubbed away.

Their stares never diminished.

They were locked in a death spiral.

“I need you.”

“I want you.”

They walked in the fields of tall grass, gently swept by the non-urgent carry-ways of the delightful winds. The message was clear to them. “Hold my hand Elizabeth. Let’s live our lives, together, forever, in this dimension.”

“Hold Me.”

“Carry me away.”

“I don’t care anymore.”

“I need you.”

“I want you.”

Stay with me this morning.

Hold me.

The Oceans parted, the mountains were hills now.

Let’s grow old together.

Newmen’s single is a beautiful imagination in to what we’d like in a fairy tale. A tale that can come true.


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