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Nia Wyn – Last Laugh

NIA WYN is what ‘down-to-earth’ mean in this very polarized world we live in. Her vocals, jaunting in confidence, settled with a big chip on her shoulders, makes us want to just support her. Not just because we think her attitude is something we want to emulate, but her choice of arrangement for this single ‘Last Laugh’ just works with us. We’re not the only ones thinking the same. As for this single she said: “‘Last Laugh’ is about some of the liars that pop up in the music industry. I’ve had many people chat rubbish and make grand promises about what they can do for your career, and when you’re so hungry for success you listen to them and then you’re left feeling lost when they lose interest in you. Last Laugh is also about women who claim to support other women but really are just using that line because it’s fashionable and just want to use you. Finally it’s also a middle finger to people who doubt you – the feeling when you overcame that and are showing them what you really can do!” See what we mean? That’s just taking the future by the throat and saying “it’s mind to win”. We think she will. This North Wales originating artist brings the sass, with talent to boot.

Melanie Jo – The Water Song

Taking a slight up-ramp towards her dreams, MELANIE JO embeds a new kind of ambience to her musical construction. Something that is fresh and different versus her previous works, the single ‘The Water Song’ dips deep into the chasms of her heart, where it is safe to dance with abandon. It is a freeing moment of exaltation when it feels right. And in this single we can hear the progression of Melanie Jo’s semblance for peace and personal gumption. A more vibrant and expansive language is used in ‘The Water Song’ and it befits her with matching glove accuracy. Add to it, MJ’s constant and soft delivery in voice, the single becomes its own, radically. It’s a beautiful dance we’re glad to have been a part.

Tania – Break Up To Make Up

“’Break Up To Make Up’ is “about that moment when you realize you’re over it”, said TANIA. “You’re over going around in circles with the person you have been seeing. You’re over breaking up just to make up and are finally taking the steps to end the vicious cycle.” Boy, that’s always a hard challenge ain’t it? You telling us. Especially when there is a drop of love remaining for that other. It’s hard. Real hard. But it has to end sometime, right? Well, sometimes you just have to throw those hands up in the air, and wave ’em like you just don’t give a hoot. It’s gotta be done. In this tracks Tania worked with Rico Love (Beyonce, Usher, City Girls, French Montana) and produce Diego Ave (Post Malone, Kevin Gates, A Boogie) and Dave Aude (Selena Gomez, Sting). Fun stuff.

Hildur – 1993

When we think about Iceland, we think of the beauty of the country. And when we think of thoughtful and engaging pop music from that land of glaciers, we think of HILDUR. She makes beautiful music that comes alive with personal stories that dig deep within her listeners’ hearts. ‘1993’ is one of those examples of her song writing dexterity, as it delves into her own past, about her childhood, and her dreams about the future. “When I was 5, I realized my dream was to create, tell stories and stand on stage,” Hildur stated. “As per the hook – “When I grow up I wanna be me”, it came to me as it was only recently I realized I had really became the person the 5 year old me wanted to be and was doing all the things I had dreamt of, without really giving myself the credit. This song is my journey and all the loopholes and fallbacks it took, all the disbelief but passion I experienced, all the insecurity and the creativity- which is me. So if my 5 year old self could hear one song from the future, I would want it to be this one. And I hope someone else on their journey to become themselves can relate.” Beautiful ain’t she? Heartfelt and honest – who wouldn’t want to be inspired? Bravo.

Hazey Eyes – Emotion (feat. Panama)

Thomas Michel is HAZEY EYES. And the 22 year old has lived a lifetime through his songs, with millions in downloads and accolades guiding his journey. But all his emotional journeys lie on his beats, his acceptance of the now, and the unperturbed existence for what is so great about what’s next. The firmly planted Philadelphia based artist comes from a long line of indie-rock bands, and the lessons from that chapter never leaves him as he drives to evolve into new and unfamiliar tonal extravagance. “I’ve learned a lot about expectations and how I should handle them, and I’ve learned about putting important things in life first. Things move by faster than I’d like, so I may as well spend it doing things I enjoy,” said Michel. ‘Emotion’ off of his latest EP ‘Love Lost’ is that melancholic and decisive rhetoric, which serves as a pallet to exist and to flourish. The digitally pulsating subtlety imbues decadence, as time passes in jest while listening. Pure momentary lapses, indulged.


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