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Nic Cassey Shares ‘False Pretenses’. There’s A Fire That Was Smoldering For Years.

NIC CASSEY’s single ‘False Pretenses’ is a cinematic narrative in thoughts and layers-in-thoughts. It derives its musical and emotional powers, we ordinary humans, ignore or are ignorant about. The consequences in lightning defaults, of our reluctant manuscripts often written on our hearts, wrangle in self relegated turmoil. This single calmly and perpetually, dowse the flames of what’s ‘been done’.

There’s a fire that was smoldering for years.

Never been so cool, as it was this Spring.

Reliable sources indicated that the flames lost their vigor.

When the last of the conversations, in matrimony, were mere memories.

Separate lives, and separate discussions. Bridges torn to pieces.

A native of Sydney, Nic Cassey brings the ‘oddity’ and the ‘eclectic’ smoothly and attractively to the fore in this single. He’s been collecting his thoughts and memories on pen and paper for such recordings.

‘False Pretenses’ is his first salvo into releasing his third album (date unannounced).

We see much good music coming our way.




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