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niceymost // Emarr // Criss Jrumz // Erich Mrak // Jeuse

niceymost – craez

There are many stricken crazies out there. Will you fold under the stress?? No. We didn’t think so. When the day starts as aggressively as the night ended, previous – it will be your victory. Driving up on the right side of life, is what you make it. They should understand that, shouldn’t they? With steady and thumping bass, niceymost’s single ‘craez’ institutes to the public, what really is going on in our secretive and enigmatic hearts. Imagination to innovate is what niceymost is all about in this song. Nothing to get the in the way, as a wall, is simply just a wall. Whether it is haters at the gates, nay-sayers from critics, or just the system of works in the industry that puts up barriers. It’s what drives your inner ambitions. Put more fire in that jet engine. Let the flow take you on to higher and higher heights. Look out for the new EP from niceymost soon.

Emarr – Time Out

EMARR’s single ‘Time Out’ has this visual. Can’t avoid it. It’s baller, as they say. And even if you don’t know, you know that this single has the vibe that gets through that skin of yours. That’s the point. Lovely girls, relationships, sex, and the best practice in what we do with our hearts, tries the lyrical limits. The emotions are truth and the gainful poignancy is hired, on sight with much praise. Get swept in by the visuals. Stay for the fantastical reminisce of the song. Cheeky.

Criss Jrumz – Therapy

CRISS JRUMZ is ultra talented. His construction of lyrics, incorporated into rhymes, sealed in with an attitude available for miles – the rapper with unconscionable equity of style makes it happen over and over in ‘Therapy’. The smooth cuts, seamlessly procured into molasses so sweet, his anthems of mistrust, love, loss, and emotional havoc turned to steel, is an immaculate condemnation to the negative. ‘Therapy’ stays and gets more and more wicked as you listen further and further. The depth is quite fabulous. Dig this Broward County based (by way of the Bronx) artist and his work. ‘Therapy’ is off of his upcoming project ‘Street Light Therapy’.

Erich Mrak – Navigate

Trance voice. Transcendental lyrics. Unapologetic stimulative apogee. ‘Navigate’ is from ERICH MRAK, and the single is part of a 7 month release campaign from the artist. From January to Jun, Erich’s aim is to demonstrate the world that he has so far created through his music. Erich states: “‘Naviagte’ centers around the inability to know what someone is thinking, and the anxiety that follows.” A micro-Universe might exist in this single, as it is an expansive and darkly presented as the light years of space beyond.

Jeuse – Drunk Textin

The single is 4 years old, but we’d thought it was right to highlight it again. We’re fans of slack rap, and when rhymes are depicted as unsophisticated, you’re only, in fact, depicting yourself as ‘unsophisticated’. Be careful, son, as the world of music and rap gets deeper and deeper in complexity in telling stories, you’ll be left behind. The angst and rebellious production of ‘Drunk Textin’ is the essence of art, strewn about this world in audio form. Word. Let’s dig it to the outreaches of the Galaxy.


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