Nicholas James ‘Franny & Zooey’ : That makes you think about where and how, as the ‘why’ of things until you’re ready to consume.

Nicholas James

“Don’t believe everything you see.” In the carnage of the world that we breathe and live, there are lessons that clips news of maturity and sanity. A voluptuous hinderance, that makes you think about where and how, as the ‘why’ of things until you’re ready to consume.


“‘Franny & Zooey’ is one of those songs that came right away,” said Nicholas James. “This song expresses a truth I had stumbled on when contemplating the nature of opposites in the universe. Realizing that every “inside” has a corresponding “outside” elated me and helped me see, (and laugh) at the absurd divide between love and madness.”


Incoherent and wonderful, it is the sandwich where we eat and thrive. All of the fixin’s are not yet there, but boy it’s a fun place to experience.

Nicholas’ way of interpreting that freedom is where he excels in ‘Franny & Zooey’. A delightful pop offering, due to keep you smilin’.


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How can we use our creative projects to enlighten and unify one another amidst so much world destruction? With an impending election that will shift the course of civilization, this extremely troublesome Coronavirus on the rise, the looming threat of global-nuclear conflict, and our climate on the brink of disaster, it feels terribly trivial to promote new content. This single was written very quickly and immediately felt like the most honest thing I've had to say in a long time. Contradictions and rude awakenings face us around every corner and compromise is part of every game. This one means a lot to me. Thank you for listening and supporting this music. Remember to love each other and to enjoy every stupid breath you take. Follow Nicholas James on Spotify and check out the link in my bio ✨

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