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Nicholas Lane – Forever Gone

NICHOLAS LANE is from Wellington, New Zealand. With the release of a his newest EP ‘Sunset Departure’, the future looks dang bright for the Kiwi. The veteran of psych-rock and garage bands, both in N.Z. an Australia, the solo career he’d been looking for is taking momentum. ‘Forever Gone’ is one of the three tracks on the latest EP, and it’s the shoegazy dream of blue clouds that you’d been seeking. Shimmering in the daylight of a situation far back in time, NICHOLAS LANE, sweeps away the fears and let’s it all fly. That’s what life is for right?

The Masterminds – Friday

It’s summer, the grass has been cut to Dad’s specs, and the sun is still up at 6pm. THE MASTERMINDS’ single ‘Friday’ is about that time. That time when all is on the table, and never stopping yourself from fooling around with the gal of your affection. Or going to a game? Or going swimming? Whatever the focus, ‘Friday’ is the fun story telling that keeps us all young at heart. And in any kind of Universe, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Vetle Forsell – Adventures

Keeping zis momentum going, VETLE FORSELL’s latest single ‘Adventures’ is a beautiful promise to the self. With streams of delectable vocal play, the Norway based artist brings 70’s soft-rock sensibilities with upstream lyrical atmospherics tangible. In this particular single, the prominent flutes envelopes your soul to a place of respite and possible rejuvenation. And we all need that kind of support, here and there. Certainly Vetle provides this talents, in spades, for our delight. Zis latest album ‘Pictures in Frames’ is zis diary of personal tales, trials and tribulations. As they say, waking up to one’s own, is the first step to forging corridors into the future, and Vetle does that in beautiful pieces of menageries.

Yvi – We’ll Live Along

YVI’s single ‘We’ll Live Along’ is so ‘alive’. The song is like ‘life’ itself. The flight of an eagle into the windswept plains of Europe is what we think and feel from this single. The effervescent positivity is infectious and deliciously presented in the song. High and soaring vocals in the chorus, to the brooding build ups, is glued to perfection by the vocals. It’s a rock anthem that is indie, but very much different and unique. The yet unreleased debut album from YVI will be much anticipated as the artist’s songs should be heard by as many people as possible. The album will drop April of 2019. The Rotterdam, Netherlands based artist is not to be missed.

grasshopper – GRIN

With no trepidation for the immediate, he slashed through the tall grass meadow of his ultimate fears. Staying in one place, was the death of his realization. The visions of decay and irrelevance, compounded his beating of insatiability within him. The driving drums and the frenetic guitar licks, frame the dark and goth vocals of grasshopper’s single ‘GRIN’. The shoegazy riffs, contrast with the didactic references of angst in the industrial-metal vocal stylings. The single is off of the band’s EP ‘Stricken’ (available now), and in the 3 track offering, there exists distinct chapters of emotions which need attention. Our attention. Your attention. Get with it.


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