Nick Miller – All The Way

The oddness protrudes and spiked horns, tempting one to like this kind of music. And we do. Nick Miller’s All The Way is fun, whimsical, torrent, and voluptuous. There’s no denying.

Sometimes, when one sets his eyes on a gal, there’s instant connection.

It might not be a connection with the one he’s interested in, but sometimes, just being connected to the fact that ‘you’re interested in her’ is just enough.

Don’t be a wall flower, you say.

Go introduce.

You do.

Step one, two, three.

You’re there.

She says hi, with the sweetness in her eyes.

You melt at her stare.

She smiles, and you reply that ‘if she’d like to dance’.

“Yes” she said.

This might be that time for joy, for she’s slow dancing with you on that dance floor.

The typical vinyl scratches in your head – popping out of existence and setting you back to reality.

Why are you on that wall?

You just sip your cocktail, wishing you’d taken that first step.

We love songs like this. It’s weird, quirky, and practical – whatever that means.

You should like it too.

Kudos, Nick. Kudos.

Keep on, keepin’ on.


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