Nick Mintenko ‘I’ve Been Waiting’ : Jazzy-standards vibes, laden with the indie-folk realization.

Nick Mintenko

Victoria, BC singer-songwriter Nick Mintenko, comes back with a beautiful new single ‘I’ve Been Waiting’. It follows up his 2018 full-length album ‘Still I Remain’.

“I sat on those two ideas for over a year. Then this September, I thought I’d better get down to it and finish the song. I then finished it in a two hour sitting. I actually tend to lean towards the spiritual when I talk about composing and performing music. It’s hard for me to believe that my sudden inspiration was internal. The fact that I decided the song should be finished, and wrote it that same day makes it feel more like deciding to go to the grocery store and buy fruit. I hope that makes sense, it feels like I grabbed the song off of a shelf.”

A blend of jazzy-standards vibes, laden with the indie-folk realization, ‘I’ve Been Waiting’ surely beckons the question of why it took so long to birth such imbued sentiments. But love and everything with it, takes time. And when attention is put to the test into something that is very loving, all of the angst seem to melt away.

Your angst melts away, as this single plays.

The track was recorded at the home studio of recording engineer Chris Neal in Victoria, BC, with the additional contributions of guitarist Mitchell Green and drummer Damian Graham.


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