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Nick Ralg Reveals His Single ‘Out On Love’. Rambling To Her Heart.

Rambling is a bodily mechanism that a reaction to the kind of emotions; trying to find the right words, appropriate words, the deeper meaning to a very important subject. It’s about her, and you don’t want to let the moment get away with the wrong phrases. She must understand you, your thoughts, your love for her being and aura. That you can’t be without her, that you are nothing without her.

Rambling, without a way to communicate the way you’d like.

Rambling, in order to describe the heights she helps you reach.

Rambling, to be with her – forever.

Not very much is known about Nick, but seems like his heart is on the sleeve of his songwriting and delivery. The honesty is obviously relevant, and quickly sticks to your listening bones.

Kudos, Nick. Kudos.

His latest album ‘Dreamers And Other Romance’ is out now [HERE].



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