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Nick Ralg Shares Ballad ‘Go Out Blindly’.

We’d reviewed his previous single ‘Out On Love’ in early June. We stated about the single: “Rambling is a bodily mechanism that a reaction to the kind of emotions; trying to find the right words, appropriate words, the deeper meaning to a very important subject. It’s about her, and you don’t want to let the moment get away with the wrong phrases. She must understand you, your thoughts, your love for her being and aura. That you can’t be without her, that you are nothing without her.”

Now, he’s back with something else. But one thing’s constant and it is that his odd vocals idiosyncrasies comes up again, and in charge for the single ‘Go Out Blindly’.

This latest single can be home at a jam session or a private and intimate setting at a Sofar outing. It’s in a weird way, ‘congested’ with emotions ‘unable’ to scream out, but at the same tim, intrinsically capable of being interesting and monotone.

It’s a good, contrasty combination, is what we’re trying to say.

Anywho, we still don’t know much about Nick, so we’ll end it here.

Let’s see what else he offers later.


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