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Nick Ramirez Shares ‘In Retrograde’. “Gaining a foothold, on a life that seems to keep moving.”

NICK RAMIREZ is an all American man, who’s enjoying his way through his University day. The academically inclined introvert of musical tastes, likes to express his own, with averse and melancholic lyrics, dripped in shimmering guitars that delivers nihilistic and longing chords.

That’s what he’s done exactly with his single ‘In Retrograde’. A charming state of affairs that is about love, in love, and in lust for the thing that just feels an arm-length away.

And life’s love, may or may not reveal itself, as it should – at this moment. Frustration ensues, as the helpless and ambitious soul, wants to know the answer now.

“It’s not the time, the Universe”, said. “It’s not time.”

“When will it be then?”

“You’ll know when it happens.”

Befuddled and frustrated, his teeth clasped and grind to a last fissure of anger, in a panicked last line of words.

“Screw you, Universe!” Screw you!”

We all feel like this sometimes. We get impatient, and act like it doesn’t matter any more.

Nick said: “‘In Retrograde’ is referencing a planetary motion of “going backwards”. This is a song about a kind of metaphor of me drifting through space, trying to reach something but I can’t because I am too far away.”

Time will tell, won’t it?

In the meantime, let’s do the best we can.

Shall we?

His latest print, ‘Dog Days’ is available now.



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