Nick Wagen ‘Ladybug’ : Overshadowing class in grace and bedroom pop goodness, is evident.

Nick Wagen

Shimmer and lyrical purity is combined effortlessly with Nick Wagen’s single ‘Ladybug’. Cute and embracing, the overshadowing class in grace and bedroom pop goodness, is evident.

“‘Ladybug’ is song about having a crush on a girl and wanting to tell her that you’ll do anything for her,” said Nick. “The lyrics are basic and minimal but I made it that way on purpose with the intention of creating a fun light-hearted song that you can blast in the car with your friends with the windows down. I focused a lot on the production of this song so that it makes you want to get up and start dancing.”

In the best traditions of Fazerdaze and Soccer Mommy, Nick’s effervescence and tact for production of his songs, can’t be denied of satisfaction nor of danceable charms.

Let’s smile.

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