Nicky Sparkles ‘Give Your Love’ : Brings sparkly synths and grooves to the summer dance floor.

Nicky Sparkles

The summer single by Nicky Sparkles ‘Give Your Love’ brings sparkly synths and grooves to the summer dance floor.

Deriving inspiration and sounds across all eras. Sounding like a blend of modern artists likeTwin Shadow, The Weeknd, and 80’s Michael Jackson / Madonna. With the summer breeze and warm feels, the good vibes from ‘Give Your Love’ is sure to feel just like the sun in the sky.

Nicky Sparkles is a Los Angeles based producer and performer. Previously Nicky has collaborated with artists like Nicolas Jaar, Samantha Urbani and Buzzy Lee. Undeniably sounding reminiscent of Janet Jackson and Prince, he continues to serve boogie-funk for the future.

Armed with falsetto goodness, Nicky embarks on treks of decadence and vision.


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