Nicky William – Hurricane

With the simplicity and brushing of hues, depicted by Nicky William, on ‘Hurricane’ is low-down acoustic uniqueness. As his vocals are what draws one to his music initially, the song and arrangement keeps one staying for more.

Tackle the insides of a tuna in the middle of the Pacific, after the catch, and after the fish had been pulled in. Your arms are pulsating with the satisfying blood pumping ‘winning’ feeling.

As the sun beat you to a pulp, out in the Pacific wetness, you start to gut the tuna. It wasn’t the adult sized tuna, as it is on TV. But it’s still larger than anything you’d caught.

It was dying, slowly, and on your fishing boat’s deck.

It’s not the first time you’d had interpolations about slicing open such a beast.

“Ok, I’ve got this.”

As the boat’s captain urged you and watching you in support, you dug in, with the machete of a knife.

First cut.



It’s a beautiful beast. It’s a beautiful animal.

You revere it so.

What have I done?

The water was blue as blue can be. The sky was clear and serene. The gentle winds brushed up against your tired body.

You return to the shore.

William’s had released his first EP in 2015. And his fans are lucky, for he did. His ambience is mortally tragic, with many different kinds of subject underlined for the parts.

His voice is not only a draw, but it’s integral in the story telling.

The Pacific Ocean is vast and blue, deep and mysterious.

You might enjoy the hunt.

You never know.

Kudos, Nicky. Kudos.



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