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Nicky William Shares ‘Girls With Common Names’.

We’d featured NICKY WILLIAM’s single ‘Hurricane’ about 7 months ago. His baritone voice and his country/folk sensibilities kicked our butts to another Sunday back then. Coming to mid 2018, we’re re-visited by Nicky and his voice, through his newest single ‘Girls With Common Names’.

And yes. It kicked our butts again.

The sorrow and the ‘regret’ is sewn deep into his voice, transferring the angst into how he communicates to us, to you, to the public. It’s a scintillating experience.

“As the sun beat you to a pulp, out in the Pacific wetness, you start to gut the tuna. It wasn’t the adult sized tuna, as it is on TV. But it’s still larger than anything you’d caught. It was dying, slowly, and on your fishing boat’s deck. It’s not the first time you’d had interpolations about slicing open such a beast.”

“Ok, I’ve got this.”

“As the boat’s captain urged you and watching you in support, you dug in, with the machete of a knife. First cut. Slice. Drag. It’s a beautiful beast. It’s a beautiful animal.”

We think what we wrote then, is certainly, still, relevant and describes this artist well.

Now. It’s your time to experience Nicky for yourself.



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