Nicola Carrara Shares ‘Tobogán’. “Shut Up and Love Me,” She Emphatically Stated.

Like a rack of lamb, the tracks were linked to the likes of his irreducibly small inklings of reality. And the taste of defeat was sweet and short and right to the point. He was surprised by his ineptness of not being able to capture such delightful fruits of today.

Today. Yes. It was his celebration of knowing this beautiful, beautiful girl.

And he was afraid of how well it had been going.

Also, he knew how he destroyed the good things that happens in his life, because of his innate intolerance of being ‘fortunate’.

“Why do I do this to myself, all the time? I deserve this; I deserve her; I deserve this awesome life I have with her.”

He trembled at the feeling of maybe, just maybe ‘disappointments’ will ‘kill’ him, conceptually; then directly and physically.

Of course, he was being ridiculous and childish.

“Shut up and love me,” she emphatically stated.


The guitar and synth work on this fabulous melancholic tune ‘Tobogán’ by NICOLA CARRARA, is enduring and sentimental to the core. Especially at the ending solo, some ill-forgotten memories rush up at us, then mellows us out in opioid seduction.

Beautiful stuff.



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