Nicole Kiki Jaffe ‘Lion’s Den’ : A liquid flow for living, as it should.

Nicole Kiki Jaffe / Photo: Tiffany Leah Chung

Triumph is what ‘Lion’s Den’ is about. Nicole Kiki Jaffe’s vocals glance above the splashes of emotional ponds – fairy like and evocative. A ring of truth, surrounds the heart of love and lost. A pension for finding the right gears once again. A liquid flow for living, as it should.

Said Nicole: “’The Lion’s Den’ came from a place of hunger, curiosity, and lust for life. I wrote it after emerging from the lingering cloud of sadness that everyone seems to feel after the end of a relationship. I wanted a song that could lift that fog, a song we could all yell. Something that felt fierce, sweaty, and gritty, like a warrior, victorious after a fight. I hope this song helps you experience your own strength, so you can emerge powerful, resilient, and full of hope.”

Being triumphant is what ‘Lion’s Den’ and what Nicole, is about.

“Everything I was feeling. My extreme raw emotions and unrelenting sadness made into something beautiful and strong. These songs helped me heal what had been broken. I learned that I could make the terrible beautiful, so it wouldn’t hurt anymore.”


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