Night Drive – Young Rivals

Night Drive’s Young Rivals is a movie. Yes, that’s what we said: ‘a movie’. Listen to it. Science Fiction-Romance-Jupiter-Coming-Of-Age tale. Can’t help it. It’s weirdly inspiring and calming.

You know, we love a good synth-pop diddy. We love bands that manipulate and mix up pre-conceived genre categories. And that’s what Night Drive’s Rodney Connell and Brandon Duhon, offers in this song.

We can imagine them being really popular. And according to their Instagram account, they ARE really popular.

They’re cool looking too (if we go the superficial angle LOL).

Young Rivals is, to be blunt, a ‘one tone’ spectacle. But it has that one level and keeps it consistently in one plane, because it seems to have a focus, in mind.

The focus is to look at the whole picture. It’s a reminder to ‘seek’ that whole picture. It’s a nudge up in your rib, to say that ‘there’s a bigger world for you to view’.

And we think they sound like Morrissey, if you squint your ears a bit (ok, a lot).

Anywho, we think that’s cool. And indeed, songs like Young Rivals do make us (here at CHF) take a look at ourselves, then think ‘we should be productive’, or ‘we should try that new Vietnamese restaurant tonight’.

Well, the world is large so, small steps my friends. Small steps.

Ok, they’re rep’ed by Roll Call Records, one of our fave labels.

Night Drive’s first publication was in June, but having a ball chillin’ out their songs to the masses. Kudos, we say.

Also, we dig this song from Night Drive, if you didn’t notice.

You dig!?


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