Night House ‘Bloodlines’ : A tempting end to a life that seemed to just move at its own determined pace.

Night House

We’d called Night House as “effortless, sophisticated, minimal, all encompassing..” The trivial manic affections, dangle at the edges of sanity and presumable innocence. A trip of self evaluation, versus a team of external conversions, profound in strength and might. A tempting end to a life that seemed to just move at its own determined pace.

A glorious vision of music and vibrating waves, cast itself over and over again from Night House’s seemingly grand assurance. The Brighton UK based delights ram up against our thoughts of what music could be. And it just wins, every time.

In the outfit’s upcoming debut album ‘Everyone Is Watching From Afar’ (March 27th), the promise of the delights we’d mentioned, culminate in the full vail of beauty and the gray. The curtains are fluttered open, as the skies turn blue again, in the wake of the band’s heart-ful resonance.

Modern, and harmonies delight, focus into that warmth that is intelligent and seductive.

The band consists of Nick Williams, Alfie Weedon, Amy Squirrel and James Purvice.

“…Instant success of delivering the essential meanings of each and every word uttered, is palpable and grand. This cinematic and ground shaking interpretation is Nick’s branded terms to endearment.”

Indeed. Be assured.


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