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Night Idea – Canopy

“I travel through that lonely road, to Damascus, to Rome. Existing through that harshness, feet battered to crisp.” Night Idea’s Canopy makes us think like that. Thinking about our fictional trip that killed our feet, blisters abound. Is that a good thing? Heck yea. It’s that version of a road trip, through life, through emotions – that makes a fab song, no?

“Yep. For sure.” That’s the answer to that last rhetorical question.

Framed within the great tradition of progressive rock, the band’s exponential descriptions in the song – parrying, jousting – rebounds against our musical sensibilities and haunts them.

“Boo!” exclaimed the ghost.

“Why did you do that?” asked his best ghost friend.

“That’s what we do, Charles. We say ‘boo’ and try to scare people.”

“Come on Ned. Are you a 19th century ghost? Or you up to date and ghosting in the 21st century??” Charles replied.

“Well, 21st, I hope,” Ned shrugged.

“Heck yea. And what do 21st century ghosts do while trying to scare people?” asked Charles, as he widened his black hole eyes.

“Yea yea. Find out exactly where our ‘victims’ are in the ‘haunted castle’.”

“And then??”

“And then, we find out the best scary sound via Google, so we can be effective in our ghost duties.”

“That’s right Ned. That’s right.”

Coming off of their album ‘Riverless’, this song is a good representative of their musical focus and sensibilities. Just like Charles the Ghost told Ned, the notes (although seem haphazard) are precise and content with its living environment.

Efficient and entertaining – Charles the ghost, would approve.

‘Riverless’ dropped in October and is available now.

Kudos, Carter, Ethan, Reid, Joey. Kudos.

Looking forward to getting even more into your body of work.



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