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Night Riots – Little Black Dog

“Take that night light, and turn it on. It’ll guide you to the next lifetime. Watch it, feel it. Calm your interpolations.” Night Riots’ Little Black Dog takes over parts of that dark corner, we as individuals, don’t want to visit too many times.

Yes. That dark place.

Nominal successes, inferred embarrassments, friendly talk that were barbed, regrets that we really don’t regret.

Contrast is our life. Life is full of non-sensical melodramatic acoustic smears – and sometimes we as humans just don’t want to deal with them. Hence, that dark corner – the place we love and loathe.

It’s a pet. It’s a dangerous flame, which we cuddle with, and playfully stroke. It knows you. And it’s precocious and hard to manage.

As we grow older, that containment over flows.

The edges of that brim, touch more of your life – wider and deeper.

Better update that management software.

It’ll get messy.

Night Riots is a fab group, dark, profound, fun, conveniently emotionally unconventional.

We dig (into their graveyard) happily.


PS That mandoline intro is fab, no?

They’re rep’ed by Sumerian Records, out of Los Angeles.



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