Night Stop Announces Vinyl Release of ‘Dancing Killer’ via No Trend Records March 30th.

On March 30th, Night Stop will release the vinyl version of ‘Dancing Killer’. And to celebrate the new upcoming occasion, the rising Finnish synthwave producer (who draws his inspiration and influence from 1980s cyberpunk movies, video games and pop culture) introduced ‘action-packed new retrowave single called ‘Phantasmagoria’.

It’s what you’d expect: pulsating 80’s drenched, neon layer music dynamo. And it’s delivered here. Although having skinny elements of EDM with undulating house isolations, the music grabs and take you on a journey.

The brainchild of Ere Ek, he began making his ominous, kinetic retro-inspired music under the NightStop moniker in 2012 and has been ingrained within Europe and Russia’s tight-knit DIY scene ever since, steadily touring and putting out cassette & vinyl releases.

We love the ‘Blade Runner’ retrowave sub-genre, especially cool mix bleeding slightly into outrun and horror.

Anywho to celebrate the US release of the album, No Trend Records is bringing NightStop over stateside for a series of events in Chicago in late March.

That should be cool for all to see.

Buy [HERE]


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