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Nightcars // Alfie Arcuri // NOA // Alec Shaw // Magpie Blue

Nightcars – Disappear

“It would be stupid to think that I am the only one who has had that fantasy of going away to a place where nobody can find me, leaving only traces, a legacy, even shit,” stated Nick Marchena, “I think that all of us have had that urge to disappear like a ghost, even if it is for a little while. The idea itself is attractive and fun, if we ignore the factor of responsibilities and the impact it can have on your loved ones. I guess it’s fun to think about… you know, ‘what if this or that’, who would miss you?, who would be happy?… So I think that we wanted to illustrate that with the instrumentation and make it kind of upbeat and fun, because fantasizing will always be fun, no matter how dark your fantasy can be”. With futuristic visions drizzling down from the top of ‘Disappear’, the song is the sweet and the sour, mixed in tears and smiles. The brooding production is a contrast in contrasts, an alt-pop vision of folds of emotions. NIGHTCARS is made up of friends Nick, Cial and Mebs. Originating from Venezuela, but doing their part for love from Spain.

Alfie Arcuri – Same

Former THE VOICE winner (2016) ALFIE ARCURI stated, “I wanted to write something that had a soulful pop vibe but also had a bit of a dark edge to it.” He explains. “Same is inspired by my own experiences with love, specifically my first real relationship falling apart, and how I almost immediately attempted to and unsuccessfully replace my ex-boyfriend with a similar variation of him.” This sexy single ‘Same’ is a fabulous return from the talented performer. The pop single has been just the start as he’s been a finalist in Eurovision’s Australia Decides and most recently becoming the ambassador for Jaguar and co-creating a short film for the 2019 Mardi Gras Queer Screen. Much more is on the way from Alfie, as his falsetto vocals will keep on driving all of us crazy with desire and enthralled. Continued Alfie: “The notion behind it is that we’ve all worn different masks to protect ourselves. Sometimes when you’re in a relationship everything from the outside looks clean and pristine, but the reality can actually be pretty messy, hence the paint. The effect was really great, although it was pretty challenging to wash it all out!”

NOA – Hypocritical

NOA is a Toronto-born, pop singer-songwriter who’s about to take the music industry by storm. NOA was recently on Season 2 of CTV’s hit show ‘The Launch’ where she worked with Scott Borchetta (Big Machine Records) and the legendary Ryan Tedder (One Republic). She has already been featured in some of the most-read publications in the world including Rolling Stone, E-talk and Buzzfeed. NOA’s dedicated fans have followed her to sold out shows from Toronto’s Drake Hotel to Los Angeles’s Hotel Cafe, and the community grows everyday. The 22 year old has been working hard to get her work in front of the world. Now residing and working in Los Angeles, the songstress keeps touching hearts and telling stories of heartaches and broken dreams. But like herself, she wants us to be uplifted by those tales of desires and desperations, to charge into the new days that are coming. The opportunities are coming. She think we all should think about them, instead of the past misgivings. We dig that.

Alec Shaw – Alone In My Bed

‘Alone In My Bed’ is impeccably produced, developed, and delivered. With all of the emotional impact of a semi-truck being framed and described in the sultry and delightfully auto-tuned introduction, the song invokes the higher-powers that maybe, into a delectable responsibilities of a lonesome single. Short, and compact, with very little moving part, ‘Alone In My Bed’ is how you (or us) think about our place in the world, privately in our own 4 walled cells. The weight of the world seems too compelling to heed and toss to the side, as the cracks in our personal hearts flex in stress and incoherence. But we come back. Most of time, to work at the problems of our lives, once again – even if we know it might fail again. It’s the struggle of being in that bed, working, reasserting, and fighting to stay ‘alive’. To ‘BE ALIVE’. ALEC SHAW should be in your rotation. Look for more from him.

Magpie Blue – Just In Time

“The melody holds quite a nostalgic melancholy,” said MAGPIE BLUE of ‘Just In Time’, “which inspired me to sing about escaping the grip of the emotional crutch of a past relationship. Getting over someone who‘s had a massive emotional hold of you, held all of the cards so to speak and left you feeling powerless. Then, there is that moment when you finally do get over it, force the other person to face up to the way they’ve treated you and you regain your power.“ MAGPIE BLUE is the project moniker of Millie Hanlon Cole. The alt-pop provocateur, at 19 years of age, radiates with talent and the will to evocatively communicate her feelings and emotions in crystalized form. ‘Just In Time’ is an anthemic thrust of a single that is a call-to-arms for this ambitious woman of this world. Anxious and brooding, MAGPIE BLUE, delivers an unmistakable psyche-rock-esque extravagance, all in an effort for the future and what it will or can bring.


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