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Nightcars Shares ‘The Call’ Off Of Latest Album ‘No Country For Young Men’.

NIGHTCARS’ newest single ‘The Call’ burns your inhibitions to ash, as it delves deep into the places we’d like to explore, but maybe never had the gumption to take that first step. The synth lined, indie-pop single delivers with genuine sharpness, as the smooth and chill complexity warms your habits.

The Madrid, Spain based trio formed in 2016 in Venezuela. The friends had songs within their hearts they needed to chime out into the world and with that urgency of mind, released their first EP this year named ‘No Country For Young Men’.

Nick, Cial, and Mebs delight in touching our senses with experimental hymns, synthesizer resonating promises, and good old fashioned pop goodness. The city-scape aesthetics deluge the mind with drizzles of nostalgia and apoplectic contradictions in happiness shaped by struggles and challenges. The integration of deep seeded emotions, are edged softer and more deliberate in ‘The Call’, as you’re view the vestiges of a protagonist’s remembrance of a time, within time.

“Sometimes when I am writing songs,” Nick Marchena stated, “I like to play a little with the contrast between music and lyrics. The Call starts with a very powerful boom, as if it was announcing ‘’I AM FUCKING HERE! ‘’ you know? … But as the vocals come in, you suddenly encounter this kind of chill vibe, a bit shyer.”

Continued Nick: “The lyric is about the feeling of being vulnerable, the fear of failing at something so simple… like when you know you can do it, but there is something inside you that just doesn’t make it that simple so u actually don’t want to try. I think what I wanted to express with this song that sudden confidence you get to overcome your fear of doing something you wished for, but constantly duel with yourself in the process”.”

NIGHTCARS’ single is a beckoning of unadulterated emotional mannerisms, graced with the identifiable remnants of those who lost love, and gained love. Everything in between reveals its summary within a song like ‘The Call’. Confusion is what relationships can be. But without it, can life ever be more satisfying?

‘No Country For Young Men’ is available now.



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