Nightlife Anonymous ‘Crime’ : Danceable and indentured to the good vibes of the most personal.

Nightlife Anonymous

Listen. Here comes Nightlife Anonymous. It is the solo project of songwriter/multi-instrumentalist, Nick Topfer.

The Toronto based artist blows off the insufficient and superficial with a blues based rockin’ tableau of vision and emotions with ‘Crime’. Danceable and indentured to the good vibes of the most personal times, Nick’s twists – subtle as they are – are honest to the core.

‘Crime’ is a P”psychedelic funk track based around feelings of despair and disillusionment stemming from the modern student debt crisis,” said Nick. “Imagines an alternate life course for the narrator where they attempt to free themselves of debt by manufacturing and selling drugs and inevitably end up worse off than how they started.”

It’s a cool single, from a cool operator.



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