Nightshift ‘I Miss the Beach’ : Let’s keep on wondering, while we go forth.


Duo of Pittsburgh based, electro-pop rockers, Dan and Steve, helps us heal, a bit more. With synthwavy, pop electronics, mixed with pop-rock lyrical extravagance, the love that is becoming, consults in pastel and delight.

Said Nightshift: “I had a night recently where I was feeling somber and nostalgic for two things I love: The beach, and my sense of adventure/wonder. Now that I am almost 30, I can’t help but feel that it gets harder and harder to maintain that wondrous craving for adventure, as life and fear get in the way.”

The brothers bring heart-felt lyrics and catchy hooks with experimental electronic flavors and familiar sounds blended in.

Continued Nightshift: “Getting older has a funny way of “drying us up”. This song is about longing to and ultimately having the courage to overcome your fears, and plunge back underneath that sea of mystery and wonder so that we can feel alive in life once again.”

Let’s keep on wondering, while we go forth.

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