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Nighttime in Kansas Shares ‘Better Feeling Alone’. “As the world is jealous of its honesty…”

Following up their mid-2018 EP ‘No Shame in Letting Go’, the gang in NIGHTTIME IN KANSAS serves up a dainty slice of flavor in their latest single ‘Better Feeling Alone’.

The outfit from Ottawa, Canada, the band formed in 2016, and quickly self released their debut EP ‘Solstice’. And in 2018, they marched down with a single release and of course the release of their ‘No Shame…’ EP.

It seems to be a very straight forward history and career so far.

But we beg to differ.

Within NIGHTTIME IN KANSAS, there lies this ‘lion’. And this lion, with full mane of hair and power, the animalistic atmosphere is wrapped in beautiful silken song constructions, lined in royal purple, while the world seems to be jealous of the honesty and genuine-ness so prevalent in their constructions.

More complex than you’d think.

That’s why NIK sticks out. Like the golden mane of that lion’s heart, they shine in shoegazy decadence, dipped in vocal caramels, and visions in textures related to love and loss, and everything in between.

And through it all, the lion sits, waits, patiently, and wisely.

Comfort is what ‘Better Feeling Alone’ bring to the table, in a world filled with trepidation and uncontrollable angst.

This great band consists of: Michael Watson (Guitar/Vocals), Jonathan Reid (Drums/Vocals), Nicholas Boone (Bass/Keys/Vocals), and Eric Graham (Guitar/Keys).



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