NIHILS ‘Can’t give’ : A modern mess glued together by Ramon’s effortlessly smooth vocals.

NIHILS / Photo: Alina Raducea & Patricia Narbon / Styling: Thomas: Paulina v. Lackner

“There is a recurring dream in which you are cornered by your nemesis and, paralyzed with fear, you scream but can’t make a sound. Sometimes we are consumed with darkness and just can’t shine; we want to share so much but are voiceless.”

Driving us from a hazy sunrise into a smartphone- screen-lit night, AM/PM consists of live understated anthems drifting from nostalgia to anxiety. True to its name, the EP catches moments and feelings across a day, each beat a tick of the clock as life races by.

Lockdown forced Ramon, Thomas and Florian into finishing recording across three capitals – London, Vienna and Berlin – working with producer-duo Wearemodular to bring their ideas to life.

The result is a collection of moody electronic synth soundscapes punctured by eclectic clicks and beats, a modern mess glued together by Ramon’s effortlessly smooth vocals.


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