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Nik Freitas Shares ‘Machine’ (Video). “Banana Bread For Breakfast.”

NIK FREITAS new video for his single ‘Machine’ (animated by Tim Lierman). The video comes from Nik’s new album ‘Day & Dark’, which features Lucius, Greta Morgan of Springtime Carnivore and Maria Taylor of Azure Ray.

“I truly think it’s one of the coolest things I’ve ever got to do with my own music and am so stoked how it turned out. More than trying to get my music out there to be heard though, I really want people to see Tim’s art — it’s really incredible how he works, hand drawn frame by frame stop motion. It’s frankly mind blowing. I would love to see a full on full length movie with his vision and artwork. Everybody go check him out. Thank you Tim!” – Nik.

Nik is a Californian singer-songwriter and producer who took his love for constructing music and just like ‘Machine’, he continues to output distinct and outrageously interesting musical morsals in sonic form.

After his corporate career as a staff photographer at Thrasher Magazine, he quit, then tuned his music itch into full-time reality. Since then he’s released 7 records, and plenty of tours.

‘Day & Dark’ is available now, and it is simply an 11 song ‘action movie in a box’ kind of attitude. Nik’s frenetic guitar chord strumming style, is coaxed into stand up salute, as his uniquely his own Vocals just dice you tomatoes into slices of delight for the burger you wanted for so long.

This water colors of sound, mix seamlessly with the current of the water splashed upon Nik’s pallet.

It’s a cool thing to witness.

Don’t miss his show on September 15 @ The Ivy Room (Berkely CA) and at 4Th St Vine in Long Beach CA.



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