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Niki Black ‘Hallelujah’ (with NISHA) : Beautiful highs and the decadent darkness.

“One of the damned, which some of us may feel like sometimes..”

Niki Black

“The song is an ode to giving up a relationship that was designed to keep you powerless,” shared Niki Black. “The beginning of the song includes a soundbite from a mass I experienced in the Duomo in Florence, Italy that I snuck into and recorded on my phone.”

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Niki is Iranian-American, with an array of influences that represent her mixed heritage. And the lady with the voice of conviction, clings to your ribs with the beautiful highs and the decadent darkness.

“When I shared hallelujah with Nisha … to my divine surprise she asked if she could cut a verse. There was a part awaiting her, a holy foreshadowing. We had already bonded spiritually at this point, merging our identities and thoughts into one union of understanding – rebels, brown women, souls who know borders but exist without them, intergenerational prototypes – a final connection to seal this was this verse on hallelujah, my favorite song.”

“I still emotionally respond so very strongly when I hear her lyrics. she understood exactly what I meant, which is a homecoming I don’t feel often with others. She understood, she enriched, and she transcended my song the way she has my life. Her lyrics speak to the scorned nature of the rebel who also feels holy, the damned angel who thinks that you gave her your wings to fly, the saint and the sinner. she has worded a verse so wonderfully and powerfully, It makes me want to take the streets and scream it as catharsis.”

“I wanted to retell that descent from a modern feminine perspective, one of the damned, which some of us may feel like sometimes, or all the time… whether it’s from religion directly, from a relationship, or from yourself.”

Niki has much to tell. Our ears should be made wide open for that day.

Look for more.

‘Hallelujah’ is the second release off of Niki’s upcoming EP (due Spring 2020).




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