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Niki Moss Shares ‘GP Motorcycle Racing’ (Music Video).

NIKI MOSS’ upcoming album ‘Gooey’ will drop April 19th. And that’s good news because it’s sticky around these parts, and we need his help (his musics’ help) to get some of the grime off of us.

Hailing from Lisbon, Portugal, Miguel Vilhena takes his alter ego of NIKI MOSS and puts his inner feelings (TMI?) for the masses to look over, kick the tires, and barter about. In his latest single ‘GP Motorcycle Racing’ he divides his time from scintillating lyrical hymns, and time spent on the mural that is his musical career.

The 60’/70′ sounding elements belie the contemporary astuteness of his writings, which has always been his stadium for thoughts and emotions, carefully textured to piss you off, or just to engage in nominally interesting (but foreboding) articles of conversational pieces. The organs and pianos hex each other in this single as the nudge of cynical replications in sight and sound, slowly pound you to a numb and glorious revel.

It’s no accident that he’s a fan of elite motorcycle racing. And in this single and his moniker (combination of two actual pro motorcycle racers) he thrives in the ecstasy of speed, explained in the malaise of life’s own speed and contradictions.

Miguel explained: “Motorcycle races are a thrilling experience to watch, it’s inspiring how these riders commit to overcome their humanity by achieving unnatural speeds at the cost of heavy risks. I felt the urge to come up with a song about it to include on the album. It was an exciting experience to write about what seems to be a lost subject in music”


Let the experimentation of NIKI MOSS continue.

It will do our body good.



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