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Nikolai – Brother Charlie

Nikolai van der Burg is Nikolai. And in ‘Brother Charlie’ childlike infatuations and effervescence, curdle right up to the top for us listeners to scoop up and delightfully absorb. This song is one of the singles included in his 2017 EP, aptly named ‘EP 2017’.

Brother Charlie is a Jazzy epitome to the vigors of life and not-so-lively-existence.

A curtailing of mandatory confrontations – for the moment. However, the height of manipulations to thought and subsequent wonder – protrudes into that fold in space.

And that folding touches that naked part of the skin – exposed and vulnerable.

The strength and vigor – magistrates the yearning for action.

Nay. The yearning IS the action. And rightfully is plugged in the psyche of the the song’s protagonist.

Remember that time, yada yada.
Yea. I do remember, yada yada.
Yada yada, that was time ago.
Yada yada, I should know.

Binge on that coca-cola, syrupy and smooth.
Black, to kind of black, down the gauntlet.
What’s the toll for such effective nihilism?
Shrug the shoulder, it is too late.

This is his solo project and can see his development – or the expansion of his efforts, musically. He is also the frontman for Den Tex, a piece melodramatic theatric experimental band from Amsterdam.

His interpretations on his musical direction is interesting to follow.

For sure, we dig ‘Brother Charlie’.

And we think you should give his music a try.



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