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Nilüfer Yanya Shares Her Peppery Goodness In ‘In Your Head’. Debut Full-Length Drops March 22nd.

Nilüfer Yanya’s new debut full length album ‘Miss Universe’ will drop March 22nd. And if we know ourselves as much as we do (and should) we’re going to start to listen to it, drop to the floor, then get up again, then go nuts for a very long moment. Why? It’s all Nilüfer’s fault, and her voice just drives us crazy.

Yes. Crazy.

Don’t you just want a girl to sound like her? How about your girl friend? Or your future girl friend? It would be, in all honesty, okay to feel that way. You won’t be the only one who’d come to that conclusion.

With vocals that draw you in, and an overall aesthetic that is rich in an other-worldly tradition, the London based artist is the smooth and soulful indie-pop star that we all need.

The 23 year old drops this banger ‘In Your Head’ with all of the expectations and delivers with the understated confidence that is just delicious.

Cover for Loud And Quiet to getting on the praise from The Guardian, The Independent, Dork, The 405 – she’s on a heck of a roll.

Her excitement is real.

Get in with Nilüfer.



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