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Nima Shares ‘Feeling Like A Blur’. “Something to ponder.”

Stated Markus Nyberg, lead vocalist for NIMA: “It expresses a way to drown the end of the day by seeing past the future all because you can’t sense the present properly – a veil of unrecognizable that can be a field of opportunities for everything, both things you can and cannot remember.”

Chaos is soothed by the story telling of NIMA’s undeniably different and other-worldly style.

The gripping uneasiness dances with the holy altruism of the convective relevance – lyrically bound – never unbound. The radical consortium of the little and the giant, presuppose such an even for life’s altering egos; delving deep, under the skin – grating and unrelenting – as the house on fire is molded again for the future to come.

‘Feels Like A Blue’ is a story within a story, mostly of ‘unfairness’ and the luck of being born into such situations. We’re rich we’re poor; we’re white, we’re black; we’re of this ethnicity, we’re of that ethnicity.

But we now have choices, as adults, of trying the best as we can to flourish as best as we can.

Easier said than done, but we all must move forward. There is no choice in the matter.

“‘Nima’ feels like a musical personification of the mixed emotions you experience in a hospital where illness, joy and sorrow is brought in to be treated in a necessary, ambivalent mix.” added Markus.

See the band next at Musikcaféen in Copenhagen, Denmark, September 26th.



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