Nina Yates ‘Rome Is Burning’ : Don’t crumble with pride weighing you down. Let’s all reach out and love; then be loved again.

Nina Yates

Nina Yates’ lyrical entrenchment, delights in ‘Rome Is Burning’. A song of fire and disaster. Of hearts broken, and hope for the future. Maybe even for hearts that once forgot how to love, but finding it once again.

Nina said: “‘Rome Is Burning’ is a song about accountability. I wrote it late in the summer of 2018 while the Portland sunset was glowing red from the smoke of the carelessly ignited Columbia Gorge forest fire. The air was heavy with falling ash as it is again on this September day in 2020. Portland’s heart was breaking and so was mine, as I was grieving the end of a love relationship. I had never decided if the lyrics were conveying the message that I needed to say or the sentiment I longed to hear.

On her upcoming album ‘Mama’s Heart’, Yates shows how to make modern stories sound like classic folk songs.

The Portland, Oregon based singer songwriter also makes being down-in-the-rut, being alone, and being lost in a big universe, a tool for getting better amongst the chaos.

You are one. Only you can get yourself out. But don’t crumble with pride weighing you down. Ask for the help you need. Let’s all reach out and love – then be loved again.


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