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Ninety’s Story’s Single ‘APO’ Will Be Your Next Happiness. Make It Happen.

It’d been a year now from our first exposure to this fab duo NINETY’S STORY, and when we reviewed on their single ‘Kikuyu’, we’d stated: “Ninety’s Story’s Kikuyu brings the musical texture found in just glimpses of today’s continuum of sounds. Gentle and weeping, ‘Kikuyu’ makes one forget the the bounded limits and let’s one slide into ‘nothingness’ – provoking conscious calm, in a day filled with stutter steps.”

Now, we’re here, in 2019, and we feel even more emboldened to say that their mood and musical direction has gotten even creamier.

‘APO’ is a love story of sorts, and as the French language seeps deep and forebodingly into your heart, you blossom with a chance at a brighter day and a brighter, you.

Two friends who met in primary school are the principals and drivers of this project called NIETY’S STORY.

Mixing, seamlessly the 90’s French indie, dance, house, EDM cultures, their music oozes the innocence and indelible essence we all seek and then enjoy.

Calling on the nostalgia of pure dance inducing sensibilities, the duo makes it so easy to fall in love with their songs.

‘APO’ is their best single yet, and it’s fabulous absorb.

Let them make you happy.

We sure did.



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